We provide a 360 service

digital consulting

We assist you in setting up an online shop, in defining your e-commerce strategy and in digitization. Thanks to a lean approach, we allow you to optimize your resources allocation by limiting financial risks and without jeopardizing your chance of success.

Enabling – Empowering – Daring

what we can provide

Drawing on our experience in various fields, we provide you with a whole set of skills.


We assist you in setting up your e-commerce projects (strategy and objectives, user stories definition, project management, coordination with third parties, etc.)

Digitalisation & Innovation

Digitization affects all parts of our society, private and professional. Do you feel overwhelmed by the stakes? You do not know where to start? We help you see more clearly.

Web Development

Whether it’s for a refreshing of your current online presence or a general revamp, you can also count on us to define needs, audience, goals, etc.

Business Development

Do you have a great site but are struggling to generate sales / leads? No idea how to set up a “go-to-market” strategy? We help you analyze the situation and define an action plan using simple and pragmatic tools.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing requires specific skills. Do the words CPC, SEO, inbound traffic or bounce rate sound foreign to you? No problem, we’re here!


Passionate photographers and talented graphic designers, we help you create strong visuals that will mark your audience. Don’t we say that a picture speaks more than a thousand words?

creativity & pragmatism

Having limited resources pushes people to be creative. If we add a pinch of pragmatism and apply recognized methods such as bootstrapping or the lean approach, then we can achieve great things.

With us, no time to waste. After an audit of the situation, we define with you an action plan as well as a roadmap. Once the strategy is in place, we support you to achieve your objectives, while respecting the budget and the timeline.

What makes us different? the Lean philosophy

“No business plan survives the first contact with customers!”

No blah-blah, big talk or ready-made model. Resources such as time and money are often limited and therefore valuable. But, thanks to a lean approach, we help you test an idea with your target customers, validate a hypothesis or prototype an MVP by optimizing the resources invested.

Nowadays, many tools are available to test an idea or a market while limiting the financial risk. Have you ever heard the words business model canvas, value proposition design, MVP or no code for example? We help you see more clearly, find the right tool and go to market with confidence whilst limiting risks and without jeopardizing your chance of success in the long run. 

some of the projects we worked on

You will find below some of our current or already completed projects. Click on the images to find out more.


Our competences

Here are some of our in-house skills. Should you require specific resources,  we can mandate externally from our network of freelancers (with whom we have already worked).

Our state of mind is permeated by the constant desire to challenge the status quo. Although we have heard (too) often “we can’t do it”, we are going to take you to take another perspective and ask you instead “what if we could do it anyway?”

Here is a brief, albeit non-exhaustive overview of our skills. But if you have a project that requires other know-how, we can call on third-party providers.

We have a network of partners with whom we have already worked and who will be able to provide the service you need.

  • Digital marketing – 85%
  • E-Commerce – 90%
  • Consulting – 95%
  • Photography – 98%
  • Good mood – 100%

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn (Alain Töffler).

How about discussing your upcoming project?

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