From fribourg (CH) to the world…

In fact, I am the founder and manager of Cruizador, the largest digital motorbike rental portal in Switzerland. I was in my previous life an e-commerce consultant. More concretely, I helped companies of all sizes to start off in the digital world or improve their existing structures.

Holder of a double Masters in International Management (ESADE) and Business Innovation (HSG) I speak fluently 3 languages : French, English and German.

Yet I think there’s more to life than academics and degrees. I am also an entrepreneur and an idealist who likes to challenge the status quo. My many trips and stays abroad, especially in Germany, California, Spain or Singapore have allowed me to develop a sensitivity and empathy for different cultures.

Curious and chameleon by nature, I like interacting with people from all walks of life. Having a deep interest in technological innovations, I am also passionate about photography and sports.

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I am deeply convinced that helping others to succeed does not compromise your own chances of success, quite the contrary. It is by harnessing the different energies that we help make our communities better, more resilient and more efficient. Also, I feel great satisfaction when I allow others to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

And it was only natural that a growing number of friends, colleagues or acquaintances began to ask me to help them turn their ideas into reality. The initial request was often the same: “I have this great concept, yet I don’t know where to start”, “I have never sold anything online” or “I have no skills in managing a digital project “and always with the same request: could you not help me see more clearly?

Based on this observation, I decided to launch this digital agency, which offers a 360 range of services to allow you to succeed in the digital world.

So, are you ready to take that first step towards making those great things that await you a reality? 


No one is omniscient and I have often had to develop skills in a self-taught way. But I am also aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Also, when I cannot guarantee the quality standards that I set for myself, I can count on an external know-how among a network of freelancers with whom I have already collaborated and for whom I can guarantee the quality of the deliverables.

Do you want to work with a specific web agency but don’t know how to kick off the collaboration? I can also help you establish specifications or define user stories i.e. the scope of the project, in order to give a frame of reference corresponding to the project’s objectives. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises by defining the variables and limiting the unknowns

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